Here are just a few comments from happy customers…

Already He Can Sit, Stay And Walk To Heal
“I just thought I’d let you know how Dexter is getting on with his potty training. We’re managing to follow your schedule and get him outside lots and give him lots of praise and it’s to be working as we’ve no accidents in the last 5 days. He really is a great little dog and we’re looking forward to working more on the obedience training because already he can sit, stay and walk to heal. Thanks for all your help.”
Trudy Abbotswell, Houston TX


Your Suggestions Have Really Worked
“When we first brought Bobo home at 7 weeks old he just seemed so excited the whole time and wouldn’t stop yapping and whining – I never thought such a small dog could make so much noise! It’s hard to get cross with such a sweet little dog but Bobo would go on and on and on, even when I scolded him or tapped him on the nose. We really didn’t know what to do and were getting desperate when I found your guide on the internet. And thank goodness we did. It was only when I read it that I realised that we had actually been making the problem even worse and needed to change our own behavior to help Bobo. Your suggestions have really worked and Bobo is so much calmer – and quieter! Thankyou!”
Kay Hunter, Indianapolis IN


Making Dog Training So Easy And So Much Fun
“It’s been two weeks since we started following the training schedule in Shiba Inu Savvy and Daisy can already sit, lay down and shake a paw. She loves her training sessions and as soon as I pick up her treat box she’s waiting by the back door to the yard. Thanks for making dog training so easy and so much fun!”
Eloise Barber, Boston MA


Advice On Stopping Biting And Nipping Has Worked
“It’s 5 days since we brought home our Shiba Inu puppy, Sparky, and we’re all so excited! I’ve never had my own dog before so having your book beforehand has been a great help. He is already house trained and your advice on stopping biting and nipping has worked a treat. It’s great to know I can contact you if I have any morequestions. Thank you!”
Ginny Heathcote, Portland OR


“Great book. Great advice. Great dog!”
Daniel Burton, Los AngelesA, CA


I Thought At 4 He Was Too Old
“Ludo came from a rescue center when he was about 4 years old and they told us at the time that he had issues with being left alone (in his previous life he had been locked in a crate for 8 hours a day). Following your advice and suggestions we’ve now got to the point where we can leave the house no problem. He had not done any obedience and I thought at 4 years old he was too old. How wrong I was :o) He has the basics donw of pat and now we are onto learning a few tricks. We’re making good progress on playing dear and high fives. Thanks for your continued support.”
Mark Freeman, Oakland CA

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